With the advent of new technologies in the realm of telephone communications, one must attempt to understand many different concepts and protocols in order to discern which telephone application will serve him/her best.  In the dark ages when I was a youngster there was only one choice – Ma Bell.  Houses had phones with rotary dialing and you called your friends by dialing the switching station and the number – e.g. Dickens (or D-I) – 12345.  Some families had a party-line where several houses shared one phone number so in order to make a call, everyone else on the party line had to get off the phone. Dialing “long-distance” was “very expensive” – a relative term but it did mean you only called people long distance on rare occasions. 

Well, thanks to the invention of the transistor, technology has changed and everyone is “connected” in one way or another.  You can call over a “land-line”, on a “cell”, or over the the Internet.  You can send images, text, voice, pictures, movies, and video in all sorts of methods to all sorts of devices.  This site is developed to collect, summarize, and compare these various applications and the equipment associated with them.

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