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LG Viewty Smart (GC900)

Viewty Smart carries on the heritage of the first LG Viewty, which sold over 6.5 million units. The second incarnation of Viewty offers even greater enjoyment while viewing and sharing, in addition to taking still and moving pictures, with a number of upgraded features in addition to its Intelligent Shot Mode. These include an 8 megapixel sensor with sensitivity up to ISO 1600, a higher resolution WVGA touchscreen, a more intelligent image processor and LGs easy-to-use S-Class User Interface (UI).

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Quad Band

Quad Band


Quad-band phones have been popular worldwide

Cellular Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Support four bands, so  tri-band phone can work in all contries world.For different band, Quad Band phones are the best choice. Wholesale offer quad-band mobile phones in China, with prices low

GSM 900 and GSM-1800-is used in many parts of the world:

Europe, Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia. South America is Costa Rica (GSM-1800), Brazil (GSM-850, 900 and 1800), Guatemala (GSM 850, GSM-900 and 1900), El Salvador (GSM 850, GSM-900 and 1900). GSM and GSM-850 1900-are used in the U.S., Canada and many other countries in the Americas. In Latin Northern operates GSM mobile major bands of 850 MHz and 1900 MHz initial implementations were only 1900 MHz with 850 MHz being added in 2001. In Canada, GSM-1900 is the band that is used in urban areas with 850 as a backup, and GSM-850, being the main band camp. In the U.S., regulatory requirements determine which area Use the band. GSM and GSM-1900 850-also used in most of South and Central America, Panama and Ecuador use only GSM-850. Venezuela and Brazil use GSM-850 and GSM-900/1800 mixture of European and American bands. Today most phones are compatible with multiple bands that are used in different countries. These are usually referred to as multi-band phones. The dual-band phones can cover GSM networks such as 900 and 1800 MHz (Europe, Asia, Australia and Brazil) or 850 and 1900 (North America and Brazil). European tri-band phones typically cover the 900, 1800 and 1900, the bands give a good coverage in Europe and allowing limited use in North America, while the phones in North America use tri-band 850, 1800 and 1900 to spread the level of service to the U.S. but worldwide use limited. The novelty was the quad-band phone, supporting all four major GSM bands, allowing global use. There is also a multi-mode phone that can operate in GSM and other mobile phone systems with other standards and proprietary technologies. Often, these devices use multiple bands frequency.

as cellular AK09 Highlights:

  • Color: black, red, green, white, pink, blue, purple.
  • The smallest mobile phone worldwide iPhone
  • The dual SIM card dual standby
  • Slide to turn the page (10 pages)
  • Dual Bluetooth A2DP
  • FM Radio
  • E-book reader
  • MP4, MP3
  • JAVA 2.0
  • Schedule FM record
  • Camera with flash lamp
  • Support TF card 16GB max
  • Automatic Horizontal Screen
  • Quad band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • The handshake functions (change the music by shaking)
  • Language: English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Indonesian, Arabic


  • 1.2.0 inch touch screen, 260k QVGA PX: 176 * 220
  • 2.300 group contacts
  • 3.T Suphporting-Flash Card, built to 761K, support to extend TF card up to 16 GB
  • 4.0.3 The image megapixel camera and video capability, try turning off the larger size is 640 * 480
  • 5. Stereo speaker, 64 chord ring tone
  • 6. MP3 and MP4 player
  • 7. GPRS connectivity WAP, MMS Transceive
  • 8. U disk support function to keep the information storage
  • 9. Bluetooth
  • 10.Video: 3GP, MP4, Full screen playback
  • 11.calendar, task list, alarm
  • 12.caller picture, caller Ring Tone, Video Call
  • 13. Guides Telephone directories: 300 groups of contacts, support incoming call with big head sticker, called ring
  • 14. Schedule power on / off: support to start / close together in time
  • 15. Alarm clock: 4 groups, support alarm clock when Machinea € ™ s closed, can set from Monday to Sunday
  • 16. Games: 3 common games, Java games
  • 17.IMEI: 35 300 *** IMEI: 78 IMEI: 13 579 ***
  • 18.More information: MP3/MP4/Handsfree/SMS group sending / Voice recorder / WAP / Handwritting input/2.0 inch screen / Bluetooth / GPRS download / MMS / E-book / calendar / clock Aarma A / Clculator / Currency / Radio / JAVA 2.0/Dual sim card dual standby /

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New Nokia Lumia 625 QuadBand 5MP HSDPA GPS 8GB Black Phone

New Nokia Lumia 625 QuadBand 5MP HSDPA GPS 8GB Black Phone


Lynxx X2S Unlocked Dual SIM Quad Band Cell Phone with Bluetooth and Camera, Micro SD, MP3

Lynxx X2S Unlocked Dual SIM Quad Band Cell Phone with Bluetooth and Camera, Micro SD, MP3


This Unlocked Dual SIM Cell Phone is compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. Not all carrier features may be supported. It will not work with CDMA carriers like Verizon Wireless, Alltel and Sprint.
Unlocked Dual SIM Quad-Band GSM cell phone compatible with 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (Both SIMs).
Dual SIM Card Support with Dual SIM Standby; FM Radio; SMS Messaging; Games and Comfortable Sli…

Samsung GT-E1182L E1182 DUOS Unlocked Quad-Band Dual SIM GSM Phone with Dual SIM Standby Support, FM Radio and Organizer - US Warranty - Silver

Samsung GT-E1182L E1182 DUOS Unlocked Quad-Band Dual SIM GSM Phone with Dual SIM Standby Support, FM Radio and Organizer – US Warranty – Silver


Samsung E1182 DUOS is an affordable candy bar phone with Dual SIM Card support integrated with Dual SIM Standby. For you in a budget, Samsung E1182 DUOS is the perfect choice! It features Quad Band support, FM Radio, Games, Organizer, SMS, CSTN Colorful Display and a slim lightweight design that allows you to text easily with one hand! Samsung E1182 DUOS, you get more for less!…

Samsung GT-C3520 Unlocked Quad-Band GSM Phone with 1.3 MP Camera, MP3 Player, Social Networking and Bluetooth  -Silver

Samsung GT-C3520 Unlocked Quad-Band GSM Phone with 1.3 MP Camera, MP3 Player, Social Networking and Bluetooth -Silver


The Samsung GT-C3520 is a clamshell mobile that opens up a mobile world full of vibrancy and convenience! The slim and sleek clamshell comes with colorful options to match your personal style. Adding the fun factor to your mobile experience, you can use this phone to socialize on the go or just kick back with your favorite music on the MP3 player or FM radio. Stay in touch with all your friends by…

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Nokia 6700 Classic Mobile Phone Review

nokia 6700
Nokia 6700 slide Nokia 6700 Photo (6700 Slide) is one of the new Nokia smartphones and is one of the best examples of how the line borderline between the phones and smart FeaturePhone increasingly blurred.

The Nokia 6700 Classic is a stunning looking mobile phone, see how it shapes up in this hands-on review. Check out more great reviews on my YouTube Channel: or the main website

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Cell Phone Review – Sprint Palm Pixi WebOS Phone

This is my first, and probably only, review of a cell phone, of the Palm Pixi, filmed with a Palm Pixi. Quite an impressive smartphone on a budget, and though the keypad has small buttons, the keypad itself is well built and has good feedback, also the WebOS interface is very intuitive and easy to use for people who may not be familiar with Smartphones. And the audiolag is due to the video recorded from the phone, though the audio was fine on the phone. I would have edited it, but Sony Vegas loves to be a bitch about nearly every video codec known to man, this program seems to have a very difficult time with MPEG4 and DIVX for some weird reason, 2 heavily used video formats.

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Dual Sim Cellphone

Anyone recomendation for a good dual SIM mobile phone?

I am looking for a dual SIM mobile that allows both sims to be live at once, not a sim adaptor and not a phone that you have to switch one sim off to get the other on.

I want a phone that I can receive calls live on with both SIM cards. I have seen the Duoni Dual sim phone from Tron direct but it has lots of negative reviews. Anyone found a good dual sim phone?


i dont have anylinks but just write dual sim mobile on ebay they have loads and they all seem good thats what i did when i got mine

dual sim card holder – no cutting / Standard

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4.0″ Dual Core Dual Sim WiFi 5MP GPS Mobile Smart Cell Phone Multi-Touch Android


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BlackBerry Curve 8330 Prepaid Boost Mobile Cell Phone wi…

For More Info or to Buy Now: It’s a phone, PDA and media player all rolled into one — it’s the BlackBerry Curve 8330 Prepaid Boost Mobile Cell Phone. This smartphone is a smart choice because it offers a world of productivity… Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View to view the current selling price. HSN Item #950350

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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Tube review

This is a very good demonstration of the Nokia 5800 phone

Design and Standby screen part of the review of the Nokia Tube, the 5800 Xpress Music. Full review:

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LG enV Touch Review – Voyager 2 – Verizon Wireless

LG’s enV Touch might just be the best all-around device Verizon has to offer right now. Noah gives you his full review. More Videos: Win Free Phones:

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Review Motorola i776 Cell Phone Boost Mobile Telecom

Detailed review and demonstartion of the Motorola i776 Mobile Phone. This phone is sold with Boost packages for unlimited calls for per month.

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Spy Phone Software Exposed!! Flexispy and E-Stealth

Cell Phone Spy ( ) For the latest cell phone spy phone news and spy phone resources. This spy phone software news story on spy phones is a great overview of where the spy phone technology is today. Included are details on what spy phone software is, how to detect spy phone software such as flexispy and e-stealth, and possibly get rid of it.

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