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How do you control cell phone use in the office during work?

It has become a real issue in the office. Cell phones ringing, people on personal cell phone calls and office line calls all day long. The boss is not unreasonable but has always ask that personal calls be kept to a minimum and need to be brief. But some people are on the phone for an hour and more. They chat with friends, family and conduct personal business. How is the manager to control this abuse and not make the staff feel like children?

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Calculating cell phone minutes

Here is an interesting question from one of our readers.

I was wondering, in a cell phone minute how much of it would be a real clock minute? For example, 400 cell phone minutes won’t be like 400 minutes that we see on a watch or a clock. I can’t really explain myself. What I’m trying to say is how are minutes used on cellphones because if they are not like real time minutes, what is the value of one cell phone minute in real time value?

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What is the best cell phone provider for someone who does not need to use their cell phone alot?

We want to get my boyfriend’s Mom a cell phone for Mother’s Day. She needs a plan with good service coverage so she can travel with it but will not use the phone frequently.

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Moving A Phone Number To A New Phone On The Same Provider

I just bought a new cell phone from Verizon, and my old cell phone is also from Verizon. I know you can go to Verizon and they can transfer your number from the old phone to the new one, but is there a way I can do this myself?  I won’t be able to go to Verizon anytime soon so if there’s another way I can transfer my number without actually going to Verizon, I would REALLY like to know how I can.

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How many digits does a cell phone number have in America?

In China, a cell phone number is 11 digit long, In hongkong, I believe it is much shorter. My British customers do not print their cell phone numbers on their business cards at all. Do people in the US print their cell phone numbers on their cards?

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Plan for a couple

We have a cell phone but its one of those little rinky dink prepaid phones; me and my husband are looking for cell phones with affordable plans; we mainly need it for my husband because of his job. I looked at a few websites but they really didn’t help me at all.

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What is the best way to store a cell phone?

I recently purchased a new cell phone. I want to keep my old cell phone around as a backup if my new phone would get damaged, stolen, or lost. (No, I didn’t purchase insurance. I’m too cheap!)Should I turn on my old cell phone and completely drain the battery? Should I just disconnect my battery? Should I let a charge on my battery and just keep it connected to my phone? I just want to make sure if I do need to use my old cell phone that it will be there for me.


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Can cell phone companies make payment arrangements if my phone got turned off?

(I have att) My cell phone just got turned off today. I just paid 5 on Friday, less than 1 week ago, and I don’t get paid until next Friday. Does anyone know if they’ll allow me to make payment arrangements and turn it back on??
Thanks for all your help!! I called them, and they were great about it. I got it turned back on and made arrangements for next Friday. They were very polite.

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What cell phone company works best in out of the way areas?

My dad wants a cell phone but lives in rural Indiana (southeast Indiana, northwest of Louisville, 1 hour west of Cincinnati) my sprint phone stops once I turn of the highway. Suggestions? Also I have heard about a booster that could be put in his house, know anything about that?

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How much of a discount do cell phone dealers get when buying phones?

Just wondering how much of a discount do cell phone dealers get when buying phones…
I’m debating on buying a new phone with a two year contract with T-Mobile OR finding a cell phone dealer-friend to buy a phone straight from the discounted price. Is the latter more worthy? Any input is greatly appreciated!

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