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How long after a cell phone comes out does the company start selling them as Refurb?

I’m thinking about getting an oldder model of the phone that is also a Refurb from my cell phone companys website, but the newer model has been out since Oct or Nov of 2006. How long after a cell phone comes out do they start selling on ther website as Refurb?

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Refurbished Cell Phones

Refurbished Cell Phone

What are refurbished cell phones? Is it advisable to buy them? Read on to find the answers.

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In the fast life of today, cell phones are no more a luxury. They are a necessity. We need to travel long distances for work. For a speedy access to information, we need to ‘stay connected’ and cannot afford to miss the slightest of the details of what is happening around us. A cell phone provides us with wireless communication facilities, enabling us to reach out to people located in different parts of the world. Cell phone technology provides its users with mobile communication facilities and allows them to stay connected with each other. Mobile phones make use of satellite communication technology, making the signal transmission easy and speedy.

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Justifying the need of mobile phones in the fast-paced life of today, we all wish to possess one of the top cell phone models available in the market. Although most of us wish to own the latest mobile technology, not all of us can afford one. It is good to go for a brand new cell phone but only if your pocket allows. If it is not affordable, refurbished cell phones are the best option.

Statistics show that about 150 million people in the United States use mobile phones and upgrade them approximately every 2 years. It is due to this fact that a large number of used phones come into the market every year.

The refurbished cell phone sellers buy previously owned mobile phones and renovate them for sale. Refurbished cell phones often come in two varieties. One variety consists of cell phones which are brand new and work perfectly, while the other type has minor damage. Mostly, the damage does not hamper the basic functionality of the phone. Generally, refurbished cell phones are tested for their quality and performance by qualified technicians before they are put up for sale.

If you plan to buy a refurbished cell phone, you must be careful about certain things.

Firstly, you should make sure that the reconditioned piece comes for a price that is lower than a brand new one. It is extremely important to calculate the price difference between a refurbished and a brand new cell phone of the model you choose to buy.

Next, you should consider your mobile phone usage. Consider the frequency of your cell phone usage and also think about the frequency of replacing mobile phones. If you are likely to replace old models for new ones frequently, it is better that you go for a brand new model. If you are a techno-buff who loves to possess the latest models in cell phones, you’d better stay away from buying refurbished ones.

It is important to ask yourself if you have chosen the right refurbished cell phone manufacturer to buy a cell phone from. There are chances of getting cheated if you do not approach a reputed manufacturer for the deal. Make sure that the company discloses the process of reconditioning, when asked for. Also remember to ask the seller for a warranty card. Yes, even refurbished cell phones come with a warranty period, although it might be shorter in comparison to that of a brand new model.

There is an environmental aspect to the idea of buying refurbished cell phones. Wondering what it is? Well, it is about conservation of the environment by supporting the recycling of mobile phones. Frequent replacement of cell phones adds to the electronic waste in the environment, as they have to be dumped as garbage. On the contrary, if there are some people buying refurbished ones, they contribute to reducing e-waste. When you buy a reconditioned phone, you actually encourage the idea of saving the environment by setting an example of your own. So what have you decided? The next time you think of replacing your old model, will you consider buying a refurbished one? Well, I will.

By Manali Oak

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Donate your used cell phones

Your unwanted cell phones and inkjet cartridges will be recycled in accordance with EPA regulations or refurbished and reused. Phoneraiser makes your un-needed technology available to those who can use it.

Refurbished Cell Phones

Today refurbished cell phones are becoming as popular as the brand new ones. But for some who might ask – where can I buy used cell phones? They are just about anywhere, from small shops to big malls to online stores.

Refurbished Wireless Phones

There are many things can be disputed when we say that a cell phone is “good” or “bad”. There are also cases reported that the insurance company replaced the lost cell phones with refurbished cell phones.

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