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Using Your Sim Card In A Different Phone

sim card

I have T-Mobile and a razor that shuts itself off. I don’t want a new plan so I’m hoping to buy a used phone that I can plug in my SIM card to and begin using. Is this even possible?  On eBay, some say you need to “activate” the phone even though it’s unlocked.  What the heck does that mean?

I wonder if Jack Bauer has to activate his sim cards after he pulls them out of someone’s stomach.

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5 Blackberry 8700c AT&T Cell Phone Lot Internet + Wall Chargers

5 Blackberry 8700c AT&T Cell Phone Lot Internet + Wall Chargers


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Selling a cell phone

What is the best place to get the most money for a used cell phone?
Some details and preferences:
- I live in NYC; NY places are fine, but I prefer an easy online way.
- I prefer advice from people who already used the service they mention in their answer.

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Buyin a used cell phone

Previously, In the past, I bought from my provider and got stuck with a 2 year contract.

I want to change providers , but don’t want to get stuck in another contract, so I’m thinking a used phone is the way to go.

What do I look for? I want to make sure that when I buy it – it will actually work.

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Used Verizon Cell Phone

I’m looking around for a decent cell phone for verizon. I’ve found several used phones, but all at ridiculously high prices. I understand that it’s going to be a lot more expensive at the store retail price, but is there somewhere you know of that has reasonable-ish prices?

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Donating a used cell phone

Here is list of places where you can donate your used cell phone

  • One good place is your local church
  • Another good spot is your local Lion’s Club

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  • Is it safe to buy a used Sprint cell phone that is currently being used?

    I’m considering buying a used cell phone from Craigslist the person who owns it says shes using it until I buy it and then will switch over to a new phone. Should I be concerned about a clear ESN # or any other concerns.?

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    What do I need to know before buying a used cell phone from eBay?

    What do I need to know and look out for before I buy a used cell phone from eBay? Thanks!

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    Can you upgrade a cell phone plan to a used cell phone?

    I have a Verizon cell phone and I was wondering if iIcan upgrade it to a used cell phone. is that possible?

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    How to buy a used cell phone

    I want to buy a used cell phone so that I get a better phone for a lesser price.  But when I try the phone, I also want to make sure that it doesn’t have viruses, doesn’t hang-up,and doesn’t have other similar defects.  In short, I want
    to make sure it is in a good condition. Help !

    There are some very interesting questions here which should be answered before buying a used cell phone.

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    How you can tell if a used Cell Phone is not stolen?

    I’m looking to purchase a used Cell phone on Nextel service and I want to be sure that the phone is not stolen and can be activated.  Is there any way of doing this? The phone is an 8350i Blackberry Curve.

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