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What is the best voip router?

Looking for a Voip Router?

I am going to get rid of my land line and switch to VoIP service.

What is the best voip router? What do others have and like?

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Is there a way to connect a company's VoIP phone to a users home computer?

I am doing a project for school and I have the basic fundamentals down for implementing the system. I was wondering if it was possible with a functional VoIP Phone at an office for a user to connect to his/her phone from their home?

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What Sip or voip server let's you call at least 100 minutes a week in the usa for free?

I have an iPod touch and I made it like an iphone but there is only one problem. I cannot find a sip or voip server that let’s you have at lease 100 free minutes a week to the USA. Please help me fast!

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How can i install Cisco VOIP service in a small firm?

My company is planning to setup cisco voip service to communicate for inter-branch communication. We don’t need to connect PSTN phone in voip. please tell me what are the devices that i need to install this service.

nirmal baral

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Using a voip phone instead of a landline for work at home job

Every work at home job that I have applied for says that you have to have a landline phone instead of a voip phone because they will not support a voip phone. Is that true?

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Voip providers where you can port your number

I really wanted to use magicJack because it seems easy enough and I’ve heard so much about it, but it’s been over 1 to 2 years since they promised to offer the ability to keep your phone number…and they still haven’t.

Anyone have any recommendations for a voip that is easy to install, has great call quality, no problems with emergency calls (911 can locate you immediately), etc.?

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How to get free incoming and outgoing calls using voip on cellphone via wifi

I am looking for the best way to set this up. My pockets have grown small so i am looking to set up a free voip network for myself via a cellphone and was asking the best way to do that…I know i need a sip number and a voip service so I am looking for some suggestions…I would like to be able to call landlines for free… Thx to anyone who answers

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How are Skype out and other VOIP calls routed?

How does the call get from the public Internet onto the telephone network? Does Skype (and the other VoIP operators) own equipment in each country to provide the interface? Where is it situated, in each telephone exchange, or centrally?
Mali, the question concerned calls that go from the internet to land phones.

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How can I bridge my wireless connection at my hotel on my laptop to a VOIP adapter via ethernet cable?

I have a wireless connection at my hotel.

There is no wired connection.

I need to connect an Ethernet cable from my laptop to my VOIP adapter and bridge the wireless Internet to feed Internet to my VOIP adapter.

Is it possible?
I have a wireless laptop.

My VOIP adapter needs internet!!

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Privacy and Voip Service

An interesting question from our reader that may apply to you.

How can I prevent my Voip phone to be bugged?

If my Voip phone is bugged how can I destroy the bug and prevent it of happening again?

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