Connect a cell phone number to a land line phone?

I know that it is possible to use a land line phone number for a cell phone, but is it possible to use your cell phone number for a land line?

If so, I do not have any cell phone service at my house, so does it also apply in areas with no cell service?

If you know how this can be done, please list the phone service and types of phones that can do this. Thank you so much!!

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2 Responses to “Connect a cell phone number to a land line phone?”

  • missmanda722 says:

    You might be able to have your cell-phone calls forwarded to your landline number, but to actually attempt to port-in your cell phone number to your house line you’d have to contact your home service provider to see if they can do that for you.

  • WC says:

    It is done all the time by using technology similar to two-way radio by the cell company.

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