LG VX8700 Cell Phone Review

LG 8700This CDMA clamshell cell phone has a thin, smooth style with metallic casing and keypad. Features are similar to the 8600, but with upgraded display and camera resolution. Other key features include a music player, memory card slot, stereo Bluetooth, EVDO high-speed data, and speaker-independent voice control.

Folks love this LG VX8700 – check out this review.

A review of the LG VX8700 Cell phone

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25 Responses to “LG VX8700 Cell Phone Review”

  • cutedotz says:

    can you tell me how you get caller id on this phone. whenever someone calls me it just says No Id . so i would really like to know which contact is calling me. thanks.
    and i think this phone is the best! text messaging is awesome and the colour is kick-ass. mines gold.i find the more pictures you take, the more the quality of the picture is bad. so thats why i take as less pics as possible so theyre clear. but other than that this phone is REALLY good and i LOVE it.

  • cutedotz says:

    my ringtone is the second last one you played. and it is pretty cool ok? 2nd of all, the battery life is freakin AWESOME! i once left the phone without charging it for 3 days and it still had 4 bars.

  • iapple94 says:

    you need to pay 5$ a mounth for caller id

  • happyboy222220 says:

    oh stop conplaning i havr this as my first phone and i love it

  • fiveightandten says:

    happyboy222220- Thanks for the comment. But it’s not a complaint, it’s a review. When you have owned more than one phone and have something to compare the 8700 to, you’ll realize it, in fact, has downfalls.

    I don’t hate it, i’m on my 2nd 8700. But nothing is perfect.

  • sillynugget101 says:

    LG discontinued it?!

  • sillynugget101 says:

    I love this phone. I’ve had the same one for almost two years and it has survived all my abuse! The camera is crystal and it has a nice big screen. I’ve never really had any problems with it at all! My dad has the same phone and is on his third because things kept going wrong. Mines still kickin’ away though. I love it XD

  • gotpsp06 says:

    you can buff out the scratches with very fine emery cloth

  • sexymeg1988 says:

    Do you still have that phone?

  • fiveightandten says:

    Yes, I still have the phone.

  • sexymeg1988 says:

    Do you like it? Other than the features you can’t stand lol

  • wweboy2007 says:

    hey go back to your other phone ok fiveightandten

  • fiveightandten says:

    Yeah, it’s not a bad phone. It just has its issues, like anything. I’ve had it for a while now and I don’t have aything else to complain about that I didn’t mention in the video.

  • fiveightandten says:

    ok wweboy2007, i’ll get right on that. Thanks for the advice.

  • AllStarDeal79 says:

    ha i love RINGTONE 11! im pretty sure thats is =)

  • blonde198821 says:

    I wanted this phone so bad, but i have the LG voyager in titanium and so i guess i can’t go back to wanting that phone but it’s just so pretty

  • AllAbootMacs says:

    dude you dont have to have that background

  • cedricnichols says:

    you still got this phone?

  • fiveightandten says:

    I’ve moved on to an enV3 after having 2 VX8700′s. I’ve had the env3 for 6 months or so now, and i’m much happier with it.

  • cedricnichols says:

    thats good env is good phones

  • blonde198821 says:

    yeah well my cousin said that it was pretty good. But my cousin has the env2 and it’s acting up i donno what phone i want i need ideas i’m coming from the blackberry storm i text more than i call and talk on the phone lol

  • cuyamacacc says:


    i can hear Radiohead – “The Bends” in the background! ha, how funny. love it.
    i got this phone like 2 years ago, finally purchased a Samsung Rogue today (woot woot). so after having the 8700 for so long, i can confidently say it was a great cell. good purchase.

  • talldude123 says:


    I have that same phone, also it’s from Telus (Canada), and it has the default menu’s and stuff. Kinda annoying actually. Mine is the black model, I would prefer the gold one you had.

  • serbmafioso3 says:

    question for people who owened the phone …should i get one ..i need a phone for just talking texting ……..nothing eles really no browsing

  • polarisdc says:

    how long does the battery last on this phone

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