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Waterproof Cell Phones

Do you live at the beach or have a pool in your back yard.  If so, a waterproof cell phone might be something to consider.  There are a few makers of waterproof cell phones for use on the Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint networks.

Verizon Wireless offers the Casio G’zOne Boulder which is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, shock, and water immersion.  They also offer the Motorola Adventure V750 which is up to military specs.  This is a great walkie-talkie phone that can hold up in almost any circumstance, but is not completely waterproof.

AT&T Wireless offer the Samsung Rugby which is built to resist shock, rain, or vibration. They also have the Motorola Tundra which is very similar to the Adventure 750  and may not hold up with a dip in the pool.

The Sanyo Pro 700 for Sprint which held up well under any circumstances.  This rubbery phone is also phone to work with and has a well organized walkie talkie interface.

sanyo pro 700

Waterproof phone

The new Fujitsu Prime F-01A is a waterproof mobile phone from NTT DoCoMo. It can make calls under water at a depth of about three feet for up to 30 minutes. Prime works at GSM/W-CDMA networks and comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen.

Water proof Cell Phones

Surprisingly there aren’t a lot of water proof cell phones. You would think more would be at least somewhat water proof since almost all watches are.

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